Evidently... John Cooper Clarke LIVE! Live Broadcast.

On National Poetry Day 2013, CAN teamed with member Tyneside Cinema to celebrate venerable punk poet John Cooper Clarke. His good friend Johnny Green, former tour manager of The Clash, hosted the show and provoked an entertaining and revealing discussion.

A packed house in Newcastle and audiences in 14 other cities were treated to humorous banter, in-depth interview, exclusive videos and generous performances by John Cooper Clarke. The evening featured Evidently... John Cooper Clark, a full-length documentary which showcases the poet's fascinating life.

The event was broadcast over CAN's digital network and satellite. Audiences interacted live through Twitter and other apps.

Oceanic Verses. Multimedia opera.

Oceanic Verses is a multimedia opera created by noted composer Paola Prestini. Staged at the Barbican in May 2013, the opera follows the journey of an American scholar who explores her roots in the Mediterranean region of Puglia.

Sung by Helga Davis, the scholar is joined by Grammy-winning soprano Hila Plitmann, baritone Christopher Burchett and singer / accordion player Claudio Prima for a virtuoso performance by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Singers.

Above the performers is a 16 metre video triptych where the characters enter imaginary spaces that serve as visual counterpoint to the stage.

9.88 films. Can you create a 10-second film?

9.88 Films is an ultra-short filmmaking challenge inspired by the Commonwealth record for the 100m sprint - a global event that captivates audiences in under 10 seconds.

CAN helped 9.88 Film reach audiences at cinema screens across our member venues by digitally distributing the provocation trailers created by inspirational filmmakers such as Mark Cousins, Morag Mackinnon, Ross Hogg and Ruth Paxton, as well as the finalist and winner films of the competition.

9.88 Films was delivered in partnership with Creative Scotland and Channel 4.

The Lodger. Live Broadcast.

In 2012 the BFI completed restoration of Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 silent classic The Lodger. Hitchcock's first critical and commercial success was returned to its original splendour in 35mm print and modern digital master, enabling new generations to experience the film in its original form.

Composer Nitin Sawhney was commissioned to interpret the film with a modern soundtrack. Accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra, The Lodger premiered in Barbican Centre in July 2012.

CAN's broadcast enabled audiences in 14 other cities to experience the film and performance. Fans were able to send questions live to film critic Jason Solomon's post-screening interview with Nitin Sawhney.

DCP Distribution.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) files can be as large as 500GB. Delivering DCP files over CAN's broadband network instead of hard drives in the post reduces costs, stress and the inconvenience of cancelled screenings.

In 2014 CAN will have transferred nearly 1,000 films and over 2,000 trailers to its members. Online delivery will save them almost £20,000 in postage and wages.