Our process

Our four step process ensures that projects succeed in delivering your goals within available resources.

We will:

  • Understand your mission, organisational goals and ambitions for digital technology
  • Assess your current capacity and frame the full potential of digital to support current and future operations
  • Design a technical plan that maximises your return on digital investments
  • Manage installation to assure operational integrity, training and skills acquisition

We apply this process to deliver successful projects within each of our four services outlined below.


We work with you to create a plan that is cost effective, supports your mission and delivers what you need.

Our Strategy package includes:

  • Reviewing your current and future organisational goals
  • Surveying your existing platforms and infrastructure
  • Identifying necessary upgrades, training and expertise
  • Developing work processes that integrate with existing systems
  • Identifying and planning your digital marketing goals
  • Ensuring your social media efforts are effective
Strategy - Plan, Think, Manage
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Connectivity is more than broadband Internet. Can your building effectively transport, store and manage data?

Our Connectivity package includes:

  • Assessing current and future bandwidth needs
  • Supervising sourcing, installation and testing of IT equipment
  • Upgrading your local IT infrastructure to use network services
  • Managing your bandwidth to avoid conflicts and service outages
  • Building private networks for internal and external uses
  • Ensuring trouble-free delivery of film and artistic programmes over the Internet


Do you want to produce live events? Would you like to develop production and broadcast capacity?

Our Production package includes:

  • Creating live and recorded programmes
  • Upgrading your building with cables, cameras and equipment
  • Building in-house broadcast capacity in your venue
  • Developing business case for external distribution
  • Distributing your content to CAN members, Internet and satellite
  • Developing marketing plans with new and established sales channels
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Create a digital destination where your audiences interact in physical, virtual and social spaces.

Our Environment package includes:

  • Delivering video-on-demand and artistic content to audiences through WiFi
  • Integrating messaging across web, digital signage and mobile
  • Using social media channels to build 24/7 community
  • Uniting your online and offline audiences in one space
  • Using proximity sensors for direct digital engagement with mobile
  • Expanding audience choice and building new artistic commissioning platforms